Frequently Asked Questions

Q.    Does Elixir Homeopathy provide online consultation and treatment?

A.    Yes. Elixir Homeopathy provides online consultation and best homeopathic treatment.

Q.    What is the process of making an appointment with Elixir Homeopathy?

A.    You can make an appointment in three simple steps.
    Step #1 - Click on the Appointment tab.
    Step #2 - Enter patient's basic details.
    Step #3 - Select date and time slot. Submit.

Q.    Can you explain the process of online consultation and treatment?

A.    Broadly, the process works in following manner.
    #1- You get a call from our homeopath on the scheduled time slot.
    #2- In some cases, a video call is required to be made.
    #3- A detailed case diagnosis follows.
    #4- Prescribed homeopathic medicines are delivered at your home.
    #5- Subsequently, regular counseling and follow-ups are conducted as prescribed by the homeopath.

Q.    What preparations are to be made prior to online consultation?

A.    A basic preparation can be handy, in order to make the session with homeopath effective.
    We recommend you to go through following checklist.
    1. Make a list of all the problems, symptoms, issues, etc. that you want to discuss
    2. Diagnostic reports, if ready, should be kept handy during the session
    3. Ensure good network connectivity is available

Q.    Is it mandatory to take prior appointment?

A.    Yes. It is mandatory to take prior appointment.

Q.    Can I write a query regarding my disease?

A.    Yes. You can always write to us about your health problem. Click on the Contact tab. Our homeopathic doctors shall revert soon.

Q.    Do you have facility of home delivery of homeopathic medicines?

A.    Yes. We make home delivery of prescribed homeopathic medicines.

Q.    Can I cancel my appointment?

A.    Yes. It is not recommended to do last minute cancellations.
    As a kind gesture towards other patients in queue, it is advised to cancel your appointment 24hrs prior to the scheduled time slot. This allows a good 24hrs window for other waiting patients to book a slot. Last minute cancellations hurt us as well as the other patients in queue.

Q.    Can I consume other medicines when I am undergoing homeopathic treatment?

A.    It is recommended to follow instructions of your homeopathic consultant.

Q.    Homeopathic medicines are generally known to aggravate a disease before healing. Is it correct?

A.    In many chronic cases, the health problem is often a culmination of many other problems in the body which are being suppressed over a long period of time. A good homeopath cures all such other problems during the course of treatment. Often such other problems tend to reoccur and subside. It is also considered a good indication that the treatment is taking effect. However, in case of many acute cases this journey of treatment may not be observed.

Q.    During the course of homeopathic treatment, are there any diet restrictions?

A.    It varies on case to case basis. It is recommended to instructions of your homeopathic consultant.

Q.    Are homeopathic medicines safe?

A.    Yes. The process of manufacturing homeopathic medicines removes toxic elements from the medicines. Homeopathic medicines are therefore safe, gentle, and non-toxic in nature. Homeopathic medicines have to pass through stringent quality standards laid down by Department of Health.

Q.    Is homeopathy safe for children?

A.    Yes. It is safe for children and infants. Follow the instructions of your homeopathic doctor.

Q.    Is homeopathy safe for pregnant women?

A.    Homeopathic medicines are safe in general. Pregnant women should follow instructions of a good homeopathic doctor.

Q.    I'm a woman. And, I would prefer to take homeopathic consultation from female homeopath only. Is it possible with your clinic?

A.    At Elixir Homeopathy, we appoint female homeopath for a female patient. Similarly, male homeopath is appointed to take case diagnosis of a male patient.

Q.    I'm a resident of DLF-5. If I take online consultation from Elixir Homeopathy, will I get home delivery of medicines?

A.    Yes. Facility of online treatment and home delivery of prescribed homeopathic medicines is applicable to all parts of Gurugram, including DLF-5. Several patient's from DLF-5 are already getting benefited from this facility. Other prominent localities in Gurugram served by us, include - DLF-1, DLF-2, Golf Course Road, Golf Course Extension Road, South City 1, Sohna Road, SPR, New Gurgaon, etc.

Q.    I've had excellent experience with Elixir Homeopathy. If I refer your clinic for homeopathic treatment to someone else, what incentives will be offered to me?

A.    First of all, we're glad that your experience with Elixir Homeopathy has been excellent. We'll be thankful to you, for referring us. Over the years, Elixir Homeopathy has earned the reputation of being the best homeopathic clinic in Gurugram. Numerous patients are healed. Most of the patients approach us through word-of-mouth references. That said, we don't encourage any practice of incentivizing the referrer.

Elixir Homeopathy is among the top homeopathic clinics in Gurugram. We deliver best homeopathic treatment through online consultation. We've a remarkable success rate in providing effective homeo cure to complex chronic health problems.

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