Online Homeopathic Consultation and Treatment

The process of online homeopathic consultation and treatment is super simple.

Elixir Homeopathy, is pioneer in delivering effective online homeopathic consultation and treatment. Numerous patients find our process of online homeopathy consultation convenient and time-saving. All it takes is a conversation with our homeopathy doctor online.

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The online homeopathic treatment is quite simple yet effective. Broadly it involves three simple steps.


Process of online homeopathic consultation and treatment at Elixir Homeopathy in Delhi and Gurgaon area.


Step 1: Schedule an Appointment

Schedule an Appointment with one of the best homeopathic doctors. Fill in your basic details. Choose from the available date and time slot.

Step 2: Online Homeopathic Consultation

At your scheduled date and time slot, empaneled homeopathic doctor shall get in touch with you. The doctor shall resort to a voice call and/or video call, depending upon the requirement.

Step 3: Home Delivery of Medicines

Your dose of homeopathic medicines is delivered to your doorstep. Doctor’s prescription is shared both in electronic and in physical forms. The process of consuming medicines - including quantity, frequency, and timing; is clearly mentioned with the doctor’s prescription.

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    Benefits of Online Homeopathic Consultation

    Overwhelming benefits of online homeopathic consultation are eliminating many inefficiencies in delivering health care. Erasing geographical barriers or saving valuable time are some of the prominent ones. Given below is a list of some of the outstanding benefits of online homeopathic consultation.

      • Saves you from exposure to potential Contagious diseases

        A clinic or a hospital is visited by patients with varying health problems. Merely not going to the clinic/hospital can save you from getting infected with other communicable and contagious diseases.

        • Access the best homeopathic doctor in any city or geographically distant location

        You can now get treatment from the best homeopathic doctors irrespective of the geographical location. It is possible only because of online consultation.

        • Convenience

        It is such a convenience when you get access to best homeopathic treatment without traversing through the congested high traffic roads.

        • Time saving

        Just imagine the amount of time saving that can be achieved. Traveling time to and from the clinics. Parking hassles. Waiting for your turn in the long queue. Online homeopathic treatment saves you all of that valuable time.

        • Cost saving

        At times the cost of traveling to and from the clinic, along with parking fees is more than the actual consultation fees of the homeopath. With online homeopathic treatment, you can cut the extra flab and just pay for the real purpose.


        Online Homeopathic Consultation at Elixir Homeopathy

        The homeopathic treatment begins right at the time of online homeopathic consultation. Expert homeopathic doctor(s) at our clinic, take comprehensive case analysis such that the root causes of the ailments are discovered. The detailed case analysis investigates your physical, psychological, historical and behavioral sphere. This helps us provide you with integrative and systematic homeopathic treatment. Be it chronic or acute diseases, the best online homeopathic treatment is just a click away.


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        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Online Homeopathic Treatment

        Q: How much time it takes to deliver medicines?
        A: Typically, it takes 3-5 days in India.
        Q: Do I have to make an appointment for follow-up treatments as well?
        A: Yes. You have to schedule an appointment from the available time slots.
        Q: How can I get the prescription?
        A: The doctor's prescription is delivered in both electronic form and physical form.
        Q: How to make payment of consultation fees?
        A: You can make payment by Paytm, or Google Pay. Facility of Cash on Delivery (CoD) is also available.
        Q: I'm a new patient. Can I request you to offer me first consultation free?
        A: Yes. It is offered on case to case basis, though. It is recommended that you mention the same at the time of scheduling you appointment.

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