"Female Infertility Treatment with Homeopathy" - a success story case study of female infertility treatment  by Dr. Sanchita Dharne - best homeopathic doctor for treatment of infertility in women in Delhi and Gurgaon area.

Female Infertility Treatment with Homeopathy | Case Study

Homeopathic treatment of female infertility is highly successful. Numerous patients have achieved pregnancy. 

Find below a case of primary infertility, with grade-2 endometriosis, bilateral endometrial cysts, and bilateral fimbrial block. The treatment commenced with principles of classical homoeopathy. A detailed case analysis along with thorough repertorisation was employed to find the best suited remedy.  Successful homeopathic treatment resulted in the patient giving birth to a healthy baby girl.


I've treated this case in 2017-18. The same is published in International Journal of Homoeopathic Sciences titled: A case report of primary female infertility treated with homoeopathy


Patient – 34 years / Female 

It was a case of Primary Infertility.

Patient was diagnosed with Grade II Endrometriosis, Bilateral Endometrial Cysts, and Bilateral Fimbrial Block. She had once attempted IVF with no successful result.

Tests and respective results are given below.

A. Sonography Pelvis (Sept-2016)

    Bilateral endometriotic cysts

    Small Endometrial Polyp.

    B. HSG Test (Oct-2016)

      Bilateral fimbrial block

      C. Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy

        Grade II Endometriosis with bilateral endometriotic cysts and endometrial polyp with bilateral fimbrial block.


        [Report of Sonography of Pelvis]


        [HSG Study]

        Patient approached me in Sept-2017

         A summary of symptoms is case given below

        • Patient was lean and thin
        • Felt very hungry, and very thirsty all the time
        • Menses were profuse and painful
        • Experienced extreme weakness during menses so much so that she was finding it difficult to do daily chores
        • Used to have tickling sensation in the throat, always
        • Used to feel hot burning sensation, always
        • She was always in search of cold air
        • Cold air gives her comfort
        • Even a slight bit of work used to cause profuse perspiration
        • Mentally dejected feeling


        During detailed case analysis, some important psychological aspects were discovered.

        • Patient had to experience agony of her mother’s death when the patient was 13 years of age
        • Patient used to fantasize about her marriage. However, in reality, she had to face lot of difficulties
        • Patient’s father was very dominating
        • Patient wanted to pursue higher studies. However, due to financial crisis she had settle for a job at an early age


        Most of the symptoms lead to two constitutional medicines – Iodum and Sepia.

        Iodum patients has a refugee like state of mind. Iodum people feels that they are not getting loved (ref Jan Scholten). All these were sufficient enough reasons to prescribe Iodum.

        Hence, I prescribed Iodum 200.

        Once in 15 days – 2 drops

        SL 200 – 4 pills three times a day


        After one (01) month

        • Old symptoms of cystitis reappeared
        • It was a good sign that her old symptoms were reappearing while running their course and getting healed in due course
        • Same medicine was continued


        After two (02) months

        • Her boils reappeared at the older place in inner thighs
        • It was painful but with less intensity than older ones
        • No additional medication was advised
        • Withing few days it healed on its own

        In Nov-2017, Patient reported missed periods.

        UPT came positive.

        And, in Aug-2018, Patient gave birth to an adorable daughter 😊




        Female infertility homeopathic treatment from the best doctor.




        Systematic homeopathic treatment is extremely effective in treatment of female infertility. It is important to probe the case details with comprehensive case taking session. Once the underlying causes are detected, effective treatment plan can be charted out. 


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