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Uterine Fibroids Homeopathic Treatment

Uterine Fibroids Homeopathic Treatment

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Homeopathic treatment for uterine fibroids (fibroids of uterus) is highly effective treatment procedure. The treatment procedure manages root cause of fibroids in the uterus. Get the best homeopathic treatment for fibroids today. Avail personalized case treatment from best homeopathy doctor for fibroids treatment. Book appointment now.


Highlights of Homeopathic Treatment for Fibroids in Uterus

  • Specialist homeopathic doctor for fibroids treatment
  • Individualized case treatment
  • Holistic treatment
  • Easy online consultation
  • Home delivery of prescribed homeopathic medicines for uterine fibroids


Homeopathic Treatment for Range of Fibroid Problems

✅  Homeopathic treatment for bulky uterus
✅  Homeopathic treatment for intramural fibroids
✅  Homeopathic treatment for sub-serosal fibroids
✅  Homeopathic treatment for submucosal fibroids
✅  Homeopathic treatment for myoma
✅  Fibroids with heavy menstrual bleeding
Fibroids with prolonged menstrual periods
✅  Fibroids with pelvic pain
✅  Fibroids with frequent urination
✅  Fibroids with constipation
✅  Fibroids with backache
✅  Fibroids with leg pain
✅  Fibroids with period pain
✅  Fibroids with pain during intercourse
✅  Fibroids with infertility
✅  Fibroids with hormone imbalance

Fibroids with obesity


How it works

Online Consultation works in super easy way.

a. The consultation begins at the scheduled time.

b. The doctor makes voice call to the patient. If required, the doctor may request for a video call.

c. We encourage you to share copies of your prevailing reports, scans, prescriptions, etc; prior to the consultation.

d. After the consultation, we dispatch your prescribed homeopathic medicine in 2-3 working days.

Read more about how our online homeopathic consultation work.


We don't do retailing of homeopathic medicines (Meds). Only our registered patients have the option of opting for delivery of prescribed homeopathic medicines. The prescribed Meds are dispatched in 2-3 working days after the consultation. We avail services of third party courier service providers. Hence we don't have much control over delivery timelines once disptached. We do not do deliveries outside India. Read further about our Shipping Policy.

Refund policy

The nature of the service is such that a time slot once booked is not available for others. Hence, no refund can be entertained. Please read our Refund Policy in detail.

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  • Dr. Sanchita Dharne - best PCOS specialist doctor delivering successful homeopathic treatment at Elixir Homeopathy in Delhi and Gurgaon area.

    Dr. Sanchita Dharne

    Dr. Sanchita Dharne features among the best homeopathic doctors for fibroids treatment. Case studies of her work on successful treatment of complex reproductive and lifestyle health issues of women are published in journals of national and international repute.

    Read Profile 

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the payment modes for online consultation?

For Payment in USD: PayPal

For Payment in INR: Paytm, Google Pay, UPI, Debit Cards, Credit cards, or Wallets.

How can I get my prescribed homeopathic medicine?

Within India, we dispatch through third party courier service providers.

At this juncture, we're not delivering outside of India. You may show our prescription and buy from available stores in your area.

Do I have to pay extra for medicines and delivery?

No. We don't charge you for the medicines and the delivery.

Do I have to book appointment, even for follow-ups?

Yes. You have to book appointment in advance.

I prefer voice calls over video calls. Can I request consultation over voice calls?

It is perfectly fine. In fact, 9 out 10 cases prefer voice calls. When it is absolutely necessary, we will have to insist for video calls.

My test reports are older than one year. Do I have to get fresh tests done?

Test reports present a clearer picture of your health. Needless to say, the most recent reports are practically more useful.

As a PCOS specialist doctor, can you let me know how much time its takes for PCOS treatment with homeopathy?

Any PCOS specialist doctor will have to assess each case in detail. Each case of PCOS is unique and hence the treatment procedure can not be the same. In homeopathic treatment of PCOS, we advise you to follow the treatment procedure for three months in order to see the greenshoots of results. The next course of action can be decided based upon the earlier results.

I'm looking for homeopathic doctor for hair fall. Shall I be concerned about PCOS too?

Any homeopathic doctor for hair fall will have to evaluate possibility of PCOS. Hair fall in PCOS is not uncommon. That said, PCOS is not always the reason for hair fall. Other factors need to be evaluated so that the right treatment procedure can be employed.

Is homeopathy for PCOS hirsutism effective? How does hirsutism treatment in homeopathy work?

Homeopathy for PCOS is highly effective. At the core of PCOS hirsutism treatment lies regulating the hormone imbalance. The removal of existing unwanted hair growth is difficult. Stopping from spreading it is comparatively manageable.

I want to ask about PCOS-Infertility. How to overcome infertility caused due to PCOS?

PCOS is a common cause of infertility in women. Managing PCOS paves way for successful treatment of infertility. We advise homeopathic treatment coupled with appropriate lifestyle changes in order to achieve pregnancy in cases of infertility with PCOS. We've had reasonable success rate in delivering effective homeopathic treatment for PCOS infertility cases.

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