Elixir Homeopathy delivers best homeopathic treatment in Gurgaon. This homeopathic clinic use detailed case diagnosis in order to unveil the root cause. Most effective homeopathic treatment is delivered to cure most chronic health problems. Testimonials are an indication of generous blessings showered on us. Please find below some of the generous testimonials, appreciations, and acknowledgements; we received on various platforms.


"My high level of hypothyroidism was brought down to normal...given close follow ups....took all the possible factors into consideration to understand the core issue.... completely satisfied." - Shivani Sajwan, Gurgaon

"Best Doctor, Very much happy with the results. After meeting her we have totally shifted to homeopathy. We are consulting her for more then 3 years now." - Neetika Gupta, Gurgaon

"As we all know medicine can cure but a good doctor's inspirational words can give strength to fight within. She is a very good doctor as well as an awesome human being. Big thank you for your wonderful care doctor. You have a lovely combination of professionalism and caring and I appreciate it very much.Thank you for taking such good care “We all felt blessed to have such a great doctor taking care of our family" - Priti Sharma, Gurgaon

"Dr Sanchita treated me for my extremely terrible allergies. Her medication is very specific and helps get relief faster" - Sharika Sanjay, United Kingdom

"Dr Sanchita is very friendly and there’s a personal touch. She explains the problem very well and has a very positive attitude. I have been consulting her for more than two years for myself and kids. And her treatment is always effective. Will definitely recommend her to everyone as the best homeopathic doctor near me." - Vibha Sharma, Gurgaon

"Had very good experience with Dr. Sanchita. She's thorow in her knowledge and spends huge amount of time on cases to understand the background before prescribing medicine. InSIn my experience,i only Doctor who will write name of medicine on prescription. Highly recommended." - Amitabh Sagar, Bangalore

"Had great experience with Elixir Homeopathy. Best homeopath for kids. Doctor is very keen to understand/diagnose the issues and gives full attention/time to individual. Would recommend to visit for kids." - Snehal Wavade, Gurgaon

"To me she is a magician, a great physician. Last year, I was suffering from Fungal Infection, nothing worked at all, I was getting near to lose my confidence. But when I visited to her, their treatment, experience and excellence played a big role in boosting my confidence and I came over from this long infection. Thank you once again." - Mansi Deshpande, Gurgaon

"She is the best homeopathic doctor for female problem and she deals with patience with every patient and she is always ready to help the patient at any point of time.she is the best homeopathic doctor that I have seen in my life." - Shashi Nassa, Bangalore

"Elixir Homeopathy diagnoses perfectly and ensures that lengthy amount of time speaking with patients in order to ensure proper treatment is prescribed. Dr. Sanchita have been helpful and her prescribed medicines ensures right treatment to ailments. Her kindness, sincere caring and concern make everything better." - Sarika Mitra, Gurgaon

"Thank you so much to Dr. Sanchita Dharne, Good behavior and excellent treatment." - Dipali Band, Nagpur

"Dr.Sanchita is best female doctor in gurgaon.. she is positive piller for our family ... I am very lucky to have such a good doctor .." - Bhagyashri Gurav, Gurgaon

"Best homeopathy doctor in Gurgaon for female Problems. Have been consulting her from last one year. She is an amazing doctor and a good listener. She has always listen to my problems and provided a good solution for the same. Loved the services provided." - Payla Makkar, Gurgaon

"Sanchita is an excellent homeo therapist with excellent hand on healing too, and has been doing lot of charitable work . I am really impressed by her"sankalp" and compassion for underprivileged to bless the childless couples with their own child. God bless you in all your endeavors to help heal the society around you." - TVB Rohini, Gurgaon

"Dr. Sanchita is an amazing doctor.One of my cousin told me about her 3 years back and even today me and my family completely relies on her. One thing which always amazes me about her is the dedication to know every minute medical details of her patient to understand the root cause of the disease. She is really generous when it comes to helping her patients even on phone/whatsapp. Her patience is also remarkable, I highly recommend her." - Reet Hans, Gurgaon