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Lean PCOS – Homeopathy Treatment (Natural Holistic Process)

Homeopathy treatment of Lean PCOS is the most natural effective process. Lean PCOS is elusive. It is hanging on the threshold of classical obese PCOS. Hence, homeopathy treatment process manages it at its core. Homeopathy treatment process eliminates the chances of recurrence of Lean PCOS. In order to deliver right homeopathy treatment remedies, it is important to understand the nuances of each case in detail. It is also pertinent to what exactly is Lean PCOS and how it can be alienated from the classical obese PCOS. This article covers the basics of Lean PCOS and its homeopathy treatment process. 


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What is Lean PCOS?

Quite simply, PCOS found in lean and thin women is referred to as Lean PCOS. Women with BMI of 25 kg/sq. mt. or lower falls into this category. Lean PCOS is characterized by insulin resistance, and hyperandrogenism. Common symptoms are male-pattern hair growth (hirsutism), acne, irregular periods, anovulation, infertility, and hair fall. Often the symptoms are milder compared to Obese PCOS. However, compared to a healthy woman, Lean PCOS symptoms are markedly significant.

Why you should be concerned about Lean PCOS?

Lean PCOS can be thought of as a precursor to Obese PCOS. Hence it is critical to manage it early on. Lean PCOS often goes undiagnosed. Close to 25%-30% of all PCOS cases are Lean PCOS. Most cases are able to manage it by employing home remedies, adopting appropriate lifestyle changes, and regular exercising.


What Causes Lean PCOS?

Causes of Lean PCOS are not established by adequate studies. However, based on empirical evidence, the possible causes of Lean PCOS are listed below.

  • Stress and anxiety: Stress and anxiety is found to be an overwhelming cause in Lean PCOS cases. Stress and anxiety is associated with insulin resistance, inflammation and high cortisol. All of these factors contribute into PCOS. Stress is also known to damage the immune system. Stress can originate from workplace, peer group, personal issues, family issues, lack of sleep, etc. Good part is, stress is avoidable.
  • Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits: Unhealthy lifestyle habits play their part in causing PCOS. Common unhealthy lifestyle habits are: irregular sleep patterns, excessive smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, drug abuse, excessive screen time, unhygienic living environment, regular exposure to hazardous elements through adulterated cosmetics and daily-use products, consuming excessive processed foods, etc.
  • Lack of physical exercise: Maintaining weight may not be the priority in Lean PCOS. But keeping insulin resistance in check is of paramount importance. Lack of physical exercise worsens insulin resistance. Which in turn aggravates Lean PCOS.
  • Unhealthy eating habits: Eating processed food. Consuming foods with high trans-fats. Skipping meals. Drinking too little water on daily basis. All of these seemingly small elements constitute unhealthy eating habits. And they contribute in a big way to the PCOS.


Lean PCOS Symptoms

Lean PCOS symptoms are relatively mild compared to the classical phenotype of PCOS. Some of the prominent Lean PCOS symptoms are listed below.

  • Irregular Periods: Irregular periods is an early sign of PCOS. Merely irregular periods are not sufficient for diagnosing PCOS. If you have irregular periods, you should watch out for other signs too. Ideally the period cycle has to be 28 days. Even if the cycle duration is seven days earlier or later, it is not a cause of concern. If the period cycle is less than 21 days or more than 35 days, it is categorized as Irregular Periods. Even the menstruation, and its pattern determines irregular periods. If there is no consistency in the menstruation including the quantity and quality of flow, and the duration of menstruation, it is categorized as irregular periods. Learn more about PCOS Irregular Periods Homeopathy Treatment.
  • Hirsutism: Lean PCOS is characterized by hyperandrogenism. Signs of hirsutism such as unwanted hair growth, and/or acne should be seen as a symptom of PCOS.
  • Acne: As mentioned above, hormone imbalance and hyperandrogenism is prevalent in Lean PCOS. Symptoms like acne are the clinical indications of the same.
  • Anovulation: Stress and insulin resistance in Lean PCOS women, suppresses development of dominant follicles in the ovaries. This leads to anovulation. Lack of ovulation is therefore a significant symptom of Lean PCOS.
  • Hair fall: Hair fall, especially along the forehead, and hair thinning can be considered one of the symptoms of Lean PCOS.
  • Infertility: Anovulation and irregular periods in PCOS leads to infertility in women. It is all the more stressful, as infertility in Lean PCOS is realized at quite a later stage when cases with have suppressed or mild symptoms.
  • Insulin resistance: Lean PCOS cases are found to have more insulin resistance compared to healthy women. Sometimes it can be mild and hence elusive. In Lean PCOS with insulin resistance, the women have fat deposition around the lower waist, hips, and thigh areas. Circumference of waist, hips and thighs are used as preliminary indicators of insulin resistance in Lean PCOS. For instance, waist circumference of more than 80cm in Indian woman is one such indicator. However, standalone indicators may not be sufficient. Additionally, ratios such as waist-hip ration, and waist-height ratio are also used to ensure certainty. In Indian women, if the waist-hip ratio is greater than 0.8 then its an indication of high insulin resistance. Likewise, the waist-height ratio should not be greater than 0.5.
  • Inflammation: Low grade inflammation is found in Lean PCOS. This may not be as significant as the one present in classical Obese PCOS. However, the inflammation markers are higher in Lean PCOS as compared to healthy women with no PCOS.


Home Remedies for Lean PCOS

Home remedies for Lean PCOS is the best way to complement homeopathic treatment process. Home remedies help in accelerating the relief from Lean PCOS symptoms.

  • Indulge in de-stressing: De-stressing lowers the level of cortisol (a stress hormone). Spending time with family and friends, following hobbies, music, meditation, fun outings, listening to your favorite music, etc. are some of the effective ways of de-stressing.
  • Regular physical exercise: Regular physical exercise, particularly resistance training is found to be highly effective in Lean PCOS. It helps in managing the visceral fats, and strengthen muscles. Resistance training also helps in keeping androgen levels under control in Lean PCOS. Thereby it helps in regularizing the periods and normalizing ovulation. Reducing weight is out of question in Lean PCOS. That said, it is important to maintain the normal weight. Resistance training that you can easily do at home includes:
    • Navasana (Boat pose),
    • Utkatasana (Chair pose),
    • Bhujangasana (Cobra pose),
    • Push-ups,
    • Pull-ups,
    • Squats
  • Follow discipline in diet: Make best use of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Follow a regular routine for meals. It helps in keeping the insulin resistance at check. Get your dose vitamin D from fish, eggs, and mushrooms. Vitamin D helps manage ovulation, menstruation, and overall metabolism. Deficiency of vitamin D is found in PCOS with insulin resistance.
  • Get ample sleep: Ensure that you get ample sound sleep. ‘Early to bed and early to rise’ is the best mantra to follow. Follow a sleep time table religiously. Inadequate sleep makes a person lethargic throughout the day. Sleep deprivation invites other serious concerns such as insulin resistance, depression and heart problems.  


What to Avoid in Lean PCOS?

  • Processed food: Avoid processed food. Chemicals contributing artificial coloring, texture, and flavors to processed food triggers inflammation and contributes towards insulin resistance. It is important to minimize intake of trans-fats in Lean PCOS.
  • Skipping meals: Skipping meals is the worst possible thing for your PCOS. Particularly in Lean PCOS, when your focus is to keep a check on the insulin resistance, you avoid skipping meals at any cost.
  • Smoking and alcohol consumption: Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol. It has been found to exacerbate the PCOS symptoms. Smoking is known to cause hormone imbalance which leads to hirsutism and acne. Alcohol when consumed in moderate quantity may be a threat to PCOS. However, excess of alcohol consumption brings about spikes in insulin levels. This is absolutely undesirable in PCOS.


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Lean PCOS Vs Obese PCOS (Difference between Lean PCOS and Classical Obese PCOS)

Differences between Lean PCOS and Classical Obese PCOS are mild and few. Hence, it is all the more important to understand where exactly the line to be drawn. The table below highlights prominent differences between Lean PCOS and Obese PCOS. For a better understanding, we’ve also showcased the commonalities.


 Title Lean PCOS Obese PCOS
BMI Less than (or equal to) 25 kg/sq. mt. More than 25 kg/sq. mt.
Insulin resistance

Present. Can be milder than Obese PCOS.

Endometrial Cancer

Lower Chances

Higher Chances
LH:FSH Ratio

Higher compared to Obese PCOS

Lower compared to Lean PCOS
Stress and anxiety

Higher compared to the women in Obese PCOS

Lower to the women in Lean PCOS
Endometrial Hyperplasia

Lower Chances

Higher Chances
Waist size threshold

80 cm

80 cm
Waist:Hip Ratio threshold


Waist:Height Ratio threshold


Irregular Periods




Incidence of Hypertension


Visceral Fat


Risk of Infertility


Muscle Mass








Homeopathic Treatment Process for Lean PCOS - Top Remedies

Homeopathic treatment for Lean PCOS is highly effective natural treatment process. The holistic nature of homeopathic remedies makes it the most appropriate treatment process for Lean PCOS. The early signs of improvement can be seen with irregular periods coming back to normalcy. Also, improvement in menstruation flow can be observed. The patient starts feeling energized. The psychological vitals show improvement. 

Some of the most effective homeopathic remedies for Lean PCOS are:

  • Natrum mur: This is the most effective homeopathic medicine for Lean PCOS. Typically, useful for cases with period problems.
  • Apis mellifica: Effective for pain in lower abdomen. Pain is spiking in nature. Also effective when patients have problem of ovarian cysts.
  • Thuja: It is effective for hormone imbalance, ovarian cysts, and hyperandrogenism.
  • Pulsatilla: Effective when menstruation is short and scanty. Often when there is only spotting and has inadequate menstruation flow.
  • Staphysagria: This is quite effective for PCOS women struggling with infertility.
  • Sepia: This is effective when your pain in abdomen is extremely high. It accompanies with bearing down sensation. You feel as if something is pulling down. It also helps in infertility due to PCOS.
  • Lachesis: This is effective for PCOS cases in the perimenopause.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - Lean PCOS

Is Lean PCOS worse than Obese PCOS?

Technically, Lean PCOS is not worse than Obese PCOS. The symptoms in Lean PCOS are milder compared to that of the Obese PCOS. Lean PCOS is elusive at it is not easily diagnosed at early stages. Unawareness or ignorance makes matters worse. Often when a lean woman struggles with the problem of infertility or persistent periods problems, the Lean PCOS is exposed. Therefore, Lean PCOS may not sound worse than Obese PCOS; but it certainly demands early attention and treatment measures.


Can Lean PCOS be cured?

Most certainly Lean PCOS can be cured. Homeopathy treatment of Lean PCOS is an effective natural process of treatment. Lean PCOS cases are presented with symptoms of severe irregular periods, anovulation and/or infertility. Homeopathy treatment for Lean works by managing insulin resistance and maintaining a normal hormone balance. It takes over three months to see early effect of treatment.


Can homeopathy treatment help me in getting pregnant in Lean PCOS?

Yes, homeopathy treatment can help in getting pregnant in Lean PCOS. Homeopathy treatment process for Lean PCOS targets root cause. The holistic nature of homeopathic treatment, resolves both the direct as well as the indirect causes of infertility. Homeopathy treatment brings normal ovulation and regularizes periods. Thereby paving way for effective treatment for fertility. This helps you in getting pregnant in Lean PCOS.


What is the cost of Lean PCOS homeopathy treatment in Delhi, India?

Lean PCOS homeopathy treatment process is cost effective in Delhi and other parts of India. For instance, we at Elixir Homeopathy are based out of Gurugram in Delhi NCR area of India. We deliver online homeopathic consultation to Lean PCOS cases across India and abroad. The cost for homeopathy treatment of Lean PCOS at our clinic starts from as low as INR 500.00.


Concluding Thoughts: Lean PCOS Homeopathy Treatment

Homeopathy treatment process for Lean PCOS is an effective natural treatment option. It is important to manage Lean PCOS symptoms at an early stage.   



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